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Does your End of Tenancy Cleaning company insure or compensate your assets?


You might not think about insurance much until your just recently bought washing machine gets damaged beyond repair. The worst part is that it got spoilt during a DIY end of tenancy cleaning exercise. Equally devastating is suffering such loss in the hands of a cleaning team that is not insured. With no prior agreement to compensate any losses that may arise from cleaning, the homeowner pays for the service but still has to go back to their pocket to replace what was damaged. Losses happen regardless of careful we are so the best we can do to cushion ourselves in insurance. What if the end of tenancy cleaning service that offers insurance also has the highest rates for end of tenancy cleaning? This is how to cultivate peace of mind with end of tenancy cleaning in London;

Seek for positive feedback

Before you tie yourself down to a cleaning company, make sure you have done your homework. Has any customer they have served in the past experienced damage to their property? Did the company compensate them? Did you have to wait for a long time to receive their compensation? Did the customer have to engage a legal professional to follow up on the compensation? Look for any stories that focus on a cleaning company’s ability and willingness to pay for damage they caused. If there appears to be any form of delay, or unnecessary frustration, you know what to do.

Sign an agreement

Like any other work contract, always insist on a signed legal agreement. This is your weapon with which you can take them to court if they refuse to compensate you or to own up to damage. A signed agreement also binds the company to stick to their cleaning routine. If they are not supposed to clean certain areas of the house, let that be included in the contract.

Inspect their work after completion

No one will admit that they caused damage to your property if it is not discovered early enough. In the case of cleaning, early enough means immediately the cleaning job is over. Before the team leaves the premises, go around the house looking for anything that looks out of place. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to report any damage before it is discovered by they too, might not know about it. By going round early enough before the tem leaves, you stand a chance of getting a repeat cleaning or replacement to damaged property.

One of the requirements for a company to be registered as End of Tenancy Cleaning London is to have active insurance. Include this in your checklist as you look for a team to hire. It will save you headache and financial loss. Further, ask the company if they have comprehensive employers and public liability insurance. Its always worth to protect yourself and your property against damages.


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